About us
Kwayela travel is a travel agency based in the Republic of Slovakia that is legally authorized to offer all services related to the tourism sector at a global level, but with great focus in Portugal Spain and Latin America. with a Multicultural team of Young qualified professionals who always look for the best offer in the market having as background the satisfaction of the client and our partners, we not only look for the best solution of tourist itinerary, or local official guides as we can find the measure of the client or of our partners what the best the market has to offer in the concrete case. Tell us what you want and in a short time we will give you a minimum of 3 options so you can have a wider choice.

And what about our unusual name Kwayela travel? Word "kwayela" [kvajela] means "sunrise", comes from Umbundu language, spoken by Ovimbundu culture, living in provincies of Huambo, Bié and Benguela in african country Angola. We have chosen this word, because during our travels, we always try to follow an idea that "Every sunrise brings neverending opportunities, new challenges". Traveling means for us also being a part of local histories, accept the unknown, listen and discover costumes and traditions, taste local gastronomy. Traveling is for us living in places we visit in an authentic and natural way. It is a concept from which Kwayela travel was born.

Our principles:
ENTHUSIASM​​​​​​: we are a young team that fulfills our dreams realizing your dreams
EXPERIENCES: we have been in the tourism environment already for several years, but we have not lost a will to learn always new things
PROFESSIONALISM: we offer a services of experienced and certified specialists
FLEXIBILITY: we are able to prepare you any trip depending of your wishes
HONESTY: we know that your satisfaction is our best advertisement

Our mission:
Our goal is to provide to our clients a unique travel experiences.
We want to get our clients to discover or rediscover places and emotions, to lead them to respect and admire a local culture, traditions and a diversity of our world. We intend with our trips to arouse the taste, respect and interest for the local culture, so we try to use local producers and local businesses as much as possible.